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Becoming a Missionary for Dummies – Tim Cavanaugh  

Room 302-303

Description: God is at work in Asia! Don’t miss an amazing story of what God is doing in this spiritually dark country! More details will be printed in our journals at the conference regarding this seminar. 

Bio:  Raised on Iowa farms, Tim and Julie Cavanaugh began their spiritual journeys at Iowa State in the 1970’s. They helped establish churches in Florida (1979-1988) and Colorado (1988-2016). They have been married 37 years, have six wonderful children, ten much-loved grandchildren and currently live and work at Jiangnan University in China.


Starting Points – Charlie Meyer

Room 304-305

Description:  It is often said that all scientists believe in evolution.  Do we really have any rational reason to believe in the Biblical account?  I mean how could so many intelligent, rational people have it wrong?   To understand how such a thing could ever be, you need to understand the power of starting points. 

Bio: Charlie Meyer met Christ as an Engineering Student at ISU in 1980.  After years of helping pastor a large church in the Twin Cities, he and Roxanne recently became part of a church plant in Rochester Minnesota.


Straight Talk about Anger – Robin Klapatch

Room 306-307

Description:  Do you often find yourself irritated, frustrated, or just plain enraged?  Anger is a very commonly expressed emotion in our society, but what place does it have in the life of a Christian?  In this workshop, we will look at the many forms of anger, talk about the impact that anger has on us, examine anger in our own lives, and learn how to handle it with the Lord’s help.

Bio:  Robin Klapatch serves the Lord in Chicagoland alongside her husband Dean and is unbelievably blessed to the mom of four amazing kids.  In recent years, the Lord has done miraculous work in Robin’s heart to help her become more emotionally connected with Himself and with others.  She is passionate about helping other people do the same.


#MeToo, What to Do? Keys to recovering from Sexual Abuse – Dave Bovenmyer

Room 308-310

Description:  The #MeToo Movement has highlighted the widespread prevalence of sexual abuse and harassment in our sexually saturated culture. Many in the church have experienced the devastating shame and loss that often come from sexual exploitation and abuse. Dave and Dawn will share some lessons they have learned as they have helped victims work through the deeply implanted falsehoods, shame, and grief of such experiences.

Bio:  Dave Bovenmyer has been a pastor since 1974 and currently serves at Stonebrook Church in Ames, Iowa.  Dave and Dawn lead Renew Ministry, a heart-renewal ministry that has helped many hurting people. Happily married for 43 years, Dave and Dawn are the parents of seven children and have ten grandchildren.


My “Story” - A Tool for Sowing Seeds – Sue Gerber

Room 318-319

Description:  What is this seminar about? – Sue’s journey creating and using her personal testimony tract.  Who is this seminar for? – Anyone interested in this form of “seed sowing”  Why would someone want to attend? – To be inspired to use their own “story” for sowing seeds.  What am I hoping the outcome to be? – People leave feeling inspired to create and use their own testimony tracts as tools for seed sowing.

Bio:  Sue Gerber grew up in suburban Minnesota and went to college for Nursing in Wisconsin where she heard the Gospel and received Christ!  Sue and husband Rob attend Cedarcreek Church in Eau Claire, WI.   Sue is mom to three grown kids:  Becca (25); Katie (21); and Sam (18).


Practical Abiding - Bob Hibbing

Room 312-313

Description:  I have worked jobs that have required over 80 hours of work in a week, and I have alternately had jobs that have provided paid leave. I would like to share with you some habits and tools that I think are valuable/essential if your goal is to abide in Christ, long-term. And if your goal is not to abide in Christ, I would like to challenge your goals!

Bio:  Bob Hibbing has been married to Patty for 37 years – 5 children; 10 grandchildren. Moved to Decorah, Iowa 8 years ago to help plant Lifehouse Church. I am self-employed so as not to burden the church. I have no greater joy than to hear of God’s children walking in the truth.


Developing a Close and Intimate Relationship with God – Guang Song

Room 314-315

Description: We all know that God loves us. But many of us feel or have felt that He is like a grandpa who lives thousands of miles away and is not very relevant to our daily life.  One main reason is that we lack a close relationship/friendship with God. In this seminar, I will share what has helped me in my struggle to know Him and experience His presence daily.

Bio:  Guang Song is a bi-vocational pastor of Stonebrook Church at Ames, Iowa. He and his wife have been married for 15 years and have four children. He is from China and first heard the Gospel when attending graduate school at Texas A&M University and became a Christian in 1997.


Church Planting – Mike Biang, Chris Biang

Room 316-317

Description: This seminar will describe various types of church plants; and examine their effectiveness.  The Great Commission movement of churches has had many church plants over the years.  Some, successful, some not.  We will look at what factors are involved in a church plant.  The seminar will be discussing some of the faith steps, practical steps and general wisdom needed to be successful in using church plants to help reach the world with the Gospel.

Bio:  Mike Biang has been pastoring for several years at West Lafayette Indiana, the home of Purdue University.  He is co-leading a team to Madison, Wisconsin  to start a church serving students at the University of Wisconsin. Mike is married to Jackie and they have four children.

Bio:  Chris Biang has been pastoring churches for over 35 years.  He became a believer at Iowa State University, and helped with the church there for five years.  He has helped start churches in East Lansing, Michigan, Chicago, and Purdue.  He is joining several others in starting another church in Madison, Wisconsin.