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Seminars from 3:30pm-4:45 pm

Marriages Where Everyone Smiles – Steve & Kathleen Nelson

Room 302-303

Description: We know that marriage involves compromise. However, it is easy to feel at times that you are the one doing most of the compromising. When a relationship exists at the intimate level of marriage and when it must last at that level for over 50 years, there is not much room for feelings of hurt and resentment to go unchecked. Thankfully, God’s word gives us the tools to have strong marriages where both partners benefit!

Bio: Steve and Kathleen Nelson live in El Paso, Texas, where Steve is a pastor. They have been happily married for 28 years and have been involved in Great Commission churches for even longer. They have eight kids and a heart to strengthen couples in their parenting and marriages.


Songs in the Night – Linda Standinger

Room 304-305

Description:  How do you respond when you’re faced with a long-term trial?  Does your view of God’s character influence that response?  Our family continues to experience long-term trials, but hymns and spiritual songs are reminding me to imitate the examples of Bible heroes in deeper and richer ways.  Find encouragement to keep going day-to-day by focusing on the unchanging character of our God.

Bio: Linda Standinger has been on an adventure following Jesus with her husband, Greg, for 23 years. They have three young adult children, one of whom has had undiagnosed health issues for the last three years.  Linda loves being a part of teen ministry with her family and serving in Awana with many faithful leaders from Glen Arbor Community Church.


Redemption and Disappointment – Patrick Shultz

Room 306-307

Description:  What do you do when you feel misunderstood, overlooked, not heard, or ignored?  What do you do when good and godly desires persist in going unfulfilled?  How do you deal with not being loved by those who should love you best and most?  We don’t get to choose all of our circumstances, but we will learn from Jacob & Leah’s story to learn that there is redemption to be had in every person’s story!

Bio:  Patrick Schultz “married way out of his league!” He and his lovely wife, Andrea, have 6 incredible kids. When he started following Christ in college, he wandered into Cottonwood where he has been in full-time ministry for 18 years and now serves as a pastor.


Breaking free from Porn – Chris Yiesla

Room 308-310

Description: Pornography and other sexual distortions plague so many of us. It can sometimes feel like, no matter what you do, you’ll never be free from it. Is it possible to experience life completely free from pornography? What if I told you it was? In this seminar, we’ll explore several ways we can start significant and real healing, the unhelpful ways we might have been thinking about porn, and the deep truths behind it all. *men only

Bio: Chris Yiesla is a worship leader and teacher at Glen Arbor Community Church in West Chicago, IL. Chris serves alongside his wife, Laura. After breaking free and healing from his personal struggle with pornography, Chris developed a heart to help and encourage other men in their own journeys to freedom.


Singleness and the Kingdom of God – Tom Biang

Room 318-319

Description: Who you marry (or don’t marry) is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. In this seminar geared for younger single people, we will look at God’s plan for relationships and singlehood. We will explore one pastor’s perspective on seeking first God’s kingdom as a single person, how to relate to your brothers and sisters in Christ, and how to discern if God is leading you into a relationship.

Bio: Tom Biang is a pastor of Grace Campus & Community Church at Purdue University. He was single for 29 years and has now been married to Jenny for the last 4. They have 2 young kids and Tom has been working with college students since 2002.


The Church and Missions: Who, What, When, Where & Why – Greg Altmaier

Room 312-313

Description:  The missions world can be overwhelming.  How do you decide if you should be involved?  Does being involved mean moving to the remote jungles of Africa and being single your entire life?  What does God’s word have to say about The Nations?  In this seminar we will explore these and many other questions.  We hope you will leave with a conviction of what God’s word says, but also some practical next steps for anyone who has considered being involved in missions. 

Bio:  Greg Altmaier is a bi-vocational pastor at Walnut Creek Church in Des Moines, IA.  Greg oversees the Walnut Creek 10/40 ministry, which seeks to train, send and support long term cross cultural workers to the unreached around the world. Greg is married to Haley and they have three daughters.


Engage – The Importance of Parent-Directed Education – Trevor Van Schooneveld

Room 314-315

Description:  It is easy to feel overwhelmed and inadequate as parents. But we need to engage in reaching our most important disciples, our kids.  In this seminar we will talk about how educational choices can impact this, how we walked through these decisions, explore the key role of parents, and lay out the options available taking time to address homeschooling.  This seminar isn’t just for mom’s though as we will talk about the importance of dad and his role.   

Bio:  Trevor Van Schooneveld is a bi-vocational pastor at Candlewood church.  He and his wife Dynell have been part of Candlewood for the last 19 years.  They have 5 children, three girls and two boys, ages 16 to 7.


Love, Sex and Porn Addictions: Not “Just a Man’s Problem” - Dena Bennett & Shaly Moyal

Room 316-317

Description: Porn is only a problem for men, right? Wrong! Believe it or not, statistically it is likely that half of the women in your church are ensnared in a love, sex or porn addiction, and not just the single women - Married women struggle as well. Sexual issues aren’t just a “man’s problem” We will discuss manifestations of female sex additions and provide hope and help for women to identify and destroy these strongholds. In addition, we also seek to equip those who wish to come alongside women in their church as they seek to be set free. 

Bio: Dena Bennett was transformed overnight by God at Drake University in2006. Her pre-Jesus life revolved around porn and other sexual sins. She is increasingly changed by Jesus and enjoys helping other women experience theabundant life He offers. Dena is married to Jacob and serves alongside him incampus ministry in Des Moines.

Bio: Shaly Moyal has served on the staff of Walnut Creek Church since 2005. Following many years of working with women who struggle with sexual addiction, Shaly went back to school to obtain her Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling with the express purpose of growing in understanding of how to help and equip young women in the struggle for sexual integrity and healing.

Over the past three years, Shaly and Dena have worked to develop curriculum and train leaders to serve women in Walnut Creek’s Set Free Ministry