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Seminars from 3:30-4:45 PM

How to Ruin your Marriage without even Trying:  Defeating Relational Selfishness. 

Steve & Erica Kane

Room 302-303

Description:  One thing that comes naturally to us all is a desire to put ourselves first.  Come learn how our default mode of operations is at odds with God’s relational standards.  We’ll share examples of how selfishness actually works against your own best interests, builds barriers between you and your spouse, and ultimately places you at odds with God’s will for your marriage.  We’ll also discuss what you can do to combat this often unseen enemy.          

Bio:   Steve Kane is a bi-vocational pastor at Candlewood Church in Omaha.  Steve has been married to the lovely and talented Erika for 17 years and together they are raising 5 children.  Steve & Erika have lots of experience in making bad relational decisions and want to help you avoid the same.


The Father Foundry- Shane Unger

Room 304-305

Description:  A foundry is a workshop for casting metal.  Fatherhood is a workshop for casting our children to be the men and women of God.  Despite our world’s degradation of dads, this seminar will shed light on the critical role of a father in our children lives and some practical lessons on how to pursue the hearts of our children to become the men and women God designed them to be.  This seminar is geared for fathers with young children.

Bio:  Shane Unger is a bi-vocational pastor at Candlewood Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. He and his wife Hannah have been married almost 12 years and are raising 4 children to be men after God’s own heart.  Lincoln (8), Braddock (7), Mack (5), Bishop (3).


It Doesn’t Get Easier. Suffering Well. - Shaly Moyal 

Room 306-307

Description: Many of us continue on in ministry thinking that it will get easier, just after this or that has happened or been accomplished. Maybe once we get a few more years under our belts. This was what I would have thought, but never said aloud. In my short time in ministry, 13+ years, I have found that there are no easy years, and they don’t get easier. So how do we persevere? How do we keep going? How do we suffer well and stay close to Jesus though it? If you’ve been waiting for it to be easier, pushing though, hoping that it would, or if you’re suffering now and wondering when it’s going to end, this is a seminar for you.  *women only

Bio:  Shaly has served on staff at Walnut Creek for thirteen years working with college students and young adults. She serves as a deacon, administrator coordinating events and has her MA in Pastoral Counseling, which has expanded her role with the church to include formal counseling. Shaly desires to encourage, comfort, and implore women to, “walk in a manner worthy of Christ” and seeks to continue to grow in this herself day by day.


Lessons from the Vine – Kenna Ingalsbe

Room 308-310

Description: The scriptures use the grape vine in many illustrations to help us understand how our relationship with God affects our everyday life.  By better understanding the terms used (vine, branch, prune, graft, fruit, etc.) you can understand what God is doing and desires in the situations of life. We will discuss situations of faith, relationships, work and ministry from the illustrations of the vine to better discern God’s will in our lives.

Bio: Kennan Ingalsbe is Pastor with Vintage Faith Church in Manhattan, KS. He and his wife Nada, love working together in ministry, being with their grandchildren and growing grapes.  Small group ministry and marriage and family situations have offered a lot of opportunities to search the scriptures for life answers.


The Inextricable Link between Science and the Bible – Tim Borseth

Room 312-313

Description:  It is commonly accepted at all levels of academia that science and religion don’t mix.  I’d like to make the case, that this view is not only categorically false on a historical level but also on a foundational, philosophical level.  In fact, if it wasn’t for Christ and Christianity, science not only would not have emerged and thrived into what we know today, it could not have.  Come and hear the 5 biblical presuppositions that modern science is built on.

Bio:  Tim Borseth got saved through faith in Jesus Christ in 1984, graduated in geology from Iowa State in 1990, entered the full-time ministry with GCM (now Reliant Mission) in 1990, got married in 1992, was recognized as a pastor in 2001, planted a church in Decorah IA in 2010, and started a game store business that same year (2010).  My passions are my awesome wife (Kristen) and family of 6, evangelism, creation science, and playing retro video games (Joust anyone?).


Futurecasting: Christianity and the Age of the Singularity – Dan Wolf

Room 314-315

Description:  A sort of long form Christian TED talk, we will take a look at our faith in a world that is changing exponentially. What will it mean if science unlocks the key to extremely long lifespans or the ability to download human consciousness into a computer? If technology renders employment impossible for many people? If government can know everything about us and regulate travel, buying and selling? What about transhumanism? A.I.? 

Bio:  Dan Wolf has been married 23 years to his best friend and ministry partner Yumi. He has been a pastor, church planter, and missionary to Japan. He was born to be a dad and has four wonderful kids. He is blessed beyond what he deserves but he isn’t complaining.


A Bold Witness in a Hostile World – Dean Klapatch

Room 316-317

Description:  Sharing our faith and standing for the truth can be one of the most intimidating things that God calls us to do.  Join this seminar and learn how to overcome common fears, concerns and how to handle the conflict and objections that often come up in these conversations. We will provide several practice scenarios for you to try having faith conversations during the seminar.  Stop by and learn how growth often starts with one small step forward!!

Bio:  Dean Klapatch is a pastor at Glen Arbor Community Church in West Chicago and enjoys sharing his faith with other people (but it used to scare him to death!!)  He and his wife Robin, have four children.  He has just started a drone video business and is finding new opportunities to share his faith.


Practical Parenting Training that Works…Sometimes – Rob Busse

Room 318-319

Description:  Are you constantly frustrated or getting upset with your kids’ behavior? Haven’t you told them what you expect a hundred times? It’s quite possible you have said the right things with the right intentions and with the right end goals in mind but you aren’t doing the necessary training to help them succeed. This seminar will be very practical with lots of examples for parenting different age children, but focused mainly on ages 0-14.

Bio:  Rob Busse has been pastoring at Evergreen Church in Lakeville, MN for 6 years.  He is passionate about evangelism, parenting…and any combination of those two things. Rob and his wife, Michelle, have 7 young children from 14 down to 1.5 years old.